He said what?

Posted on by dan schlitzkus

This is a minor rant.

I am a huge Bon Iver fan, but I have a heck of a time singing to most of his songs. I knew from a young age that I did not have an ear for lyrics. And since lyrics are kinda like poetry I struggle to comprehend their meanings. I get it when I hear some clever word play and such, but it's beyond me.

So back to Bon Iver - Love the music, but I can't sing along because his lyrics are like gonzo. What the heck is this...
"3rd and Lake it burnt away, the hallway.
Was where we learned to celebrate.
Automatic bought the years you'd talk for me.
That night you played me 'Lip Parade'.
Not the needle, nor the thread, the lost decree.
Saying nothing, that's enough for me."

3rd and Lake sound like a street. Something burnt away - a memory? The hallway. Huh? Guess this is where they learned to celebrate. Ok cool. Years are being bought automatically because you talked to me - guess talk is cheap? Lip parade sounds kinda sexy. Lips on parade and marching - weird. No not the needle and certainly not the thread (we sowing something here?) Hope you didn't buy those years you talked about with this needle and thread because your sowing will undo some decrees.... Say nothing. Please just shut up. Huh? 

I guess for now I'll just keep on humming and making sad sounds that sound like lyrics when I attempt to sing along. I think I can manage that.