Merry Christmas & New Year email card!

Posted on by dan schlitzkus

You better watch out, you better not cry. This is why!!!! Robot Santa Claws is coming to town! Run!

Ok, so I know I picked a page from Futurama's playbook, but whatever. 

I hope all of you, friends, clients and both have yourselves a lovely and very, merry Christmas. My hope is is that you enjoy your families and friends this holiday season. Give them an extra hug and an extra round of nog because you can.

So this is my first, of many I hope, Christmas cards to you to say thanks for your kindness and your business. Some of you have hired me to work for you, for which my family and myself are very grateful. Some of you will be hiring me soon, for which we will be grateful. And some of you are thinking who the heck is this?  

Well, if you don't know me I am Danny Schlitz, an illustrator, designer and animator living in the Grand Pacific North West. I do a bunch of work for Microsoft, Samsung, Honda and Amazon to name a few. You can see my work at Please reach out if you think I could help you make some magic this new year. 253.335.0698.

For the rest of you I wish you a wonderful and successful year in all of your endeavors.

And don't forget to keep your bunker in tip top shape just in case Robot Santa comes for an unexpected visit.


Danny Schlitz