Lilla Rogers Talent Search

Posted on by dan schlitzkus

Hey folks, I just submitted my artwork for a global talent search contest on Lilla Rogers. I wasn't sure if I'd have enough time in my hectic schedule to get this finished in time, but BAM! The Schlitz got it done. There will be 50 creatives chosen by creative/product/publishing industry veterans. Let's hope we get a spot for the next round. Jitters.


Vector Madness

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One of the best things about vector artwork (that's what most of the Illustrations on Danny Schlitz are) is that they are flexible. Simple shapes and "flat" colors make a design that can scale to any size imaginable, yes, large enough space to cover the moon. I rarely have to worry about pixels unless I have a texture involved.

NOTE: Look and see that there are many levels of geometry that are hidden for your view.


Art Director's Club poster update

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I finally got a few photos the other day of my "Year of the Snake" poster. I love seeing smiles and snakes together. I couldn't get to New York for the event - too much to do around here. Hopefully next year!


Weekend Fun

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We had some amazing weather up here in the NW this weekend. Also, it was a weekend I wanted to try something new. Lino! Got myself a few tools to play around with and a 8x10 sheet of lino. The cutting was pretty fun. Getting the ink to the paper was a whole other matter. Since I don't have a letterpress just lying around, I just used brute force to apply pressure. I think with some practice and hopefully some luck I'll get this process down.

Now get outside and get some sun.



Shipping prints.

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We had a bunch of prints arrive from the printer yesterday, and yes, it's a lot like Christmas. Me and the Schlitz-Wife packaged them up for the first time - figure out some tips and tricks on how to pack em'. Wished them well. "Farewell and Godspeed." I hope you grace some lonely wall out there somewhere. 


The White Tree offer on Society 6

Posted on by dan schlitzkus

Hey kids, I have my White Tree illustration available on my Society 6 Shop. Check em out and get your own Schlitz art. There are all sorts of different products including, Poster Prints, iphone covers, Canvas Prints, laptop covers etc. ANd we may get throw pillows in there as well.


these postcards are quite nice

Posted on by dan schlitzkus

Well, props go out to MOO Printing for blowing my mind away with these beautiful postcards. The print quality and the paper is fantastic. I was also able to add my own personal backs to these puppies.

These cards will be for promotional for now (since they have my web address on the fronts). I am printing more soon to sell in packs of 10 (no web address on those). We have labels, bubble envelopes for safe mailing. My lovely bride got me set up with all the supplies and research. BTW: She's a fantastic business partner as well as wife & mom. <3

Look out for these new postcards available soon on our "soon-to-be" Etsy store.


Prints a comin'

Posted on by dan schlitzkus

I ordered some new prints this weekend. Trying out some postcards from Moo Printing and some fine art prints from someplace in Colorado. Also, looking into screen printing and custom letterpress. Man, I want it all!!!! I should have samples in the mail later this week.

He said what?

Posted on by dan schlitzkus

This is a minor rant.

I am a huge Bon Iver fan, but I have a heck of a time singing to most of his songs. I knew from a young age that I did not have an ear for lyrics. And since lyrics are kinda like poetry I struggle to comprehend their meanings. I get it when I hear some clever word play and such, but it's beyond me.

So back to Bon Iver - Love the music, but I can't sing along because his lyrics are like gonzo. What the heck is this...
"3rd and Lake it burnt away, the hallway.
Was where we learned to celebrate.
Automatic bought the years you'd talk for me.
That night you played me 'Lip Parade'.
Not the needle, nor the thread, the lost decree.
Saying nothing, that's enough for me."

3rd and Lake sound like a street. Something burnt away - a memory? The hallway. Huh? Guess this is where they learned to celebrate. Ok cool. Years are being bought automatically because you talked to me - guess talk is cheap? Lip parade sounds kinda sexy. Lips on parade and marching - weird. No not the needle and certainly not the thread (we sowing something here?) Hope you didn't buy those years you talked about with this needle and thread because your sowing will undo some decrees.... Say nothing. Please just shut up. Huh? 

I guess for now I'll just keep on humming and making sad sounds that sound like lyrics when I attempt to sing along. I think I can manage that.

First post on my Bloggy-blog

Posted on by dan schlitzkus

Hey 2013! It's a whole new year and a whole new me. Most New Year's Resolutions are  doomed to fail. This one is not. This is the Year of the Schlitz! Behold!

Ok, now that I have that out of the way... we can get down to business. I have been working as a professional designer, art director and illustrator for 13+ years. Most of my work has been for wonderful employers, such as Humongous Entertainment,  Bethesda Softworks, Brandner, Rusty George and Microsoft.

As I venture "semi-solo" (Such a loaded term) I look to carve my artwork work into the mountain of Independent Illustrator. 

So be a good ol' chap (or) sweet gal and hire this poor schmuck for your illustration work.