Calvary Chapel in Kent Washington wanted some posters to inspire and remind the leadership of the 3 E's "Enrich, Engage, and Equip" on a daily basis. I was asked to make something simple and Quick. Of course I had bigger ideas. And with the help of my close friends Brad Wise, Gerrit and Ellie Hoeks we set up a photo shoot at Brad's studio. 

I had a fun experience with my kids shopping for fruit at Safeway. We filled a cart with one or three of each kind of fruit we could find. We did get a few strange looks, but we didn't mind.

Giving direction is a hard job... "put it there! No! There!"

I saved this "E" for the last shot of the night. It was the most complicated. And all of our knees were pretty sore by this time. Next time were doing this on a table.

Gerrit and Ellie. Good minions.