More than 5 million people use the Metro card for movement in the city each day. A real potential for creative exposure and on a very unique format. 

I was very excited when asked to participate in the Metro AR-T project. How often can you get art literally / virtually into people's hands? This was a great opportunity to do something so unique and bold.

I grew up watching the city from movies, tv shows and comics (Frank Miller's Daredevil) as a wasteland and mess of culture clashes and crumbling buildings. Well, time moved on and the city transformed into a magical city. It is so exciting to see NYC bringing back natural beauty in the new parks and public spaces. Also the honoring of the history and things that make New York so special. My design attempts to celebrate the beauty of architecture, nature, and the web of the Metro that connects them all.

How it works. Download the APP from iTunes. Get out your Metro Card. Follow the instructions and enjoy art on the move!!/artworks/danny-schlitz