The awesome folks at Microsoft MSCOM team made this killa English/Portugues site for the Rio 2016 Olympics.  #RioHero

Coletivo do Esporte, is an initiative focused on empowering Brazilians to achieve more in their lives through sports. Our site helps promote Coletivo's efforts.

I help design and illustrate the experience through a fully accessible comic book. Meaning you can listen to the story with sound effects and voice talent with the help of Microsoft Studios. 

I also helped create the elements for the Avatar Builder - where you can create your very own avatar!

Plus we have many sponsors like PicsArt where you can purchase a texture pac with our super hero elements and icons. All the proceeds go to Coletivo.

More to come!

Mobile Experience.

Full comicbook.

Avatar Builder!

Make your own hero and share on Facebook or Twitter.

Mobile Experience.

You may lose an afternoon with the "random" button. You are forewarned.

Superhero Yourself with PicsArt!

Purchase the Superhero Pack and make yourself into a superhero.