I have been a fan of ello.co since it got a lot of press last year. I have been honored to have been featured by the founders/ ello team on curated emails and boards/walls.

This artwork came into being a few weeks ago when my my kid was at her dojo. Having a few hours to kill at my local Starbucks I was looking for something to design for fun. I get so much inspiration and great feedback from the ello community so I thought I could give a little back. I created these icons using mostly artwork from many of my other illustrations. 

After posting the images online, comments and follows started filling my inbox. I received about 25k views, especially thanks to re-postings. The most satisfying moments were seeing members of the community use the icons for their profile.

And a big shout out to the creator of the original logo by @bergerfohr

Thanks and join ello.co if you can get an invite. ;)

And now you can wear the Infinity Ello t-shirt. Go get it!