I was delighted to be contacted by Sacha and Paula from Proyecto Ensamble in Chile about making a paper toy design called "Out Fox". Their earlier work with "I want your Skull" and "Edge" really impressed me. I love how they made something special out of paper. Using simple origami techniques and great design sense they have been creating unique products since 2009.

They asked me to apply a design to their new "Out Fox" toy. I jumped right in with some research into foxes and any type of legend or folktale aspects. I was immediately drawn to the legends of the Japanese magical fox spirit by the name of the "Kitsune". The Kitsune could be mischievous and clever. They could transform into people and would sometimes marry humans. Of course there's always a tragic end or some unsuspecting traveler would be tricked. I was very excited to get this idea into my fox design. This design shows two faces, one for the human transformation and the other a fox.

My art was originally designed as a smaller creation. But later I was told that my design would be produced larger as a wearable mask. Also that it would be glow in the dark. I loved the transformation idea with the glow in the dark aspect. 

Included in this series of fox heads I was very blesses to be in the accompaniment of 13 other wonderful illustrators. Ryan Crippen A.K.A. Reactor-88 (USA), Ju Zuco(France), Suzanne Carpenter A.K.A. Illustratoreye (UK), Yai Salinas (Argentina), Laura Berger(USA), Eric Comstock (USA), Jhonny Nuñez (Colombia), Pablo Orrego A.K.A. Peiper (Chile), Juan Alcaíno A.K.A Alkalino (Chile), Pamela Vera A.K.A. Cabrochico (Chile), Daniela Zomosa A.K.A. Danielitis (Chile), Esteban Nilo A.K.A. EFNART (Chile). See their artwork below.

I was very fortunate to be a part of their project.

Watch a video on how to assemble the Out-fox mask.