Zodiac 2013-2016

Corriere Della Sera

Proyecto Ensamble "Out Fox"

Honda Classic Game

Microsoft 8-Bit Day

Microsoft NYC Cube

Brooks Running - Run Happy

Giant Gila Monster

Ello icons

Microsoft Cloud Roadshow

Microsoft Edge Activities

Microsoft The Right Stuff

Beautiful Skull

Amazon Text Ads

Microsoft Commons Courtyard

Microsoft Certified Professionals

Microsoft Azure Tour

Microsoft Special Olympics

South Sound Magazine Best of 2015

Microsoft LA Live

On Windows issue #4

The Creature

On Windows cover 2

League of Regrettable Heroes Art Show

Not of this Earth

Microsoft One Video


Microsoft Re&F Commuting

In Touch Magazine

E Posters

Brooks Run Happy T's

Logo Dump

Brooks Chicago Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon

On Windows Cover

Microsoft MVA Playing Cards


425 Business

Microsoft Gift Card

The Kingdom

Bike Monster

Spinning plates

100 Faces of Danny Schlitz

Old Yale Brewing Co.

Day of the Dead

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Lazer Cat - artwork

Microsoft MVP Event

Microsoft GFS

Fancy Hawk

Metro Art

Northwest Life

Zillow Hoodies

Killing Gaze

The town



Running City

Northern Fish

Skate Monster


Monster Guy

Flower Detail

Crow taking flight

Skull Planters


Mike's Hard

Fish eye

Delicate spinner

Microsoft RE&F

Filter Tribal Values

Microsoft Bike Jersey


Emerald City

The people I know

Microsoft Artwork

Filter Digital Journal

I heart work


Busy Life

Tree of Life

SciFi Hipster Logos (well, why not?)

What time is it?

Chinese Year of the Snake

Self Defense logos

Microsoft poster concepts

Stuff in the Attic


triangles are sharp

Misunderstood Creatures

Let's Motor


Scifi icons

Xmen badges

Robot 6

X marks the spot

Diamonds are Forever

Letter Work